“The Future of Rowing is on Land”

The future of rowing is on land

Crossfit has helped put the spotlight on the Concept 2 rowing machine.  Greg Glassman, Crossfit’s founder, has called it one of the most effective pieces of equipment.  It’s no wonder that Crossfit gyms across the globe all have them. ICRASH B’s is the largest indoor rowing competition in the world.  This past February [2017] it hosted its 37th annual indoor regatta.  CRASH B's attracts top athletes from around the globe.  Boutique indoor rowing fitness studios have popped up, such as City Row and Row House.  Nationwide, these studios have catapulted rowing as the premier workout for group fitness.  All signs are pointing to indoor rowing.  Why?  To start, it’s the best workout you can get in 45 minutes to an hour.  Indoor rowing is one of the lowest impact movements [your knees will thank you when you’re 80].  Rowing is like a moving meditation in a similar way that running can be. You get into a rhythm on the machine it is you and your body. And the sound of the ergs in time together? It’s rhythmic and soothing in a mind-calming, meditative way.

Indoor rowing - not only for those by the water

Advantages of indoor rowing is that you can do it anytime, any place, and under any weather conditions.  You don’t have to rely on mother nature providing you rowable water or wind conditions.  Strap in and get rowing!  For those of us that don’t live near a rowable body of water, indoor rowing is the perfect alternative.  You’ll can work on technique and learn fundamentals.  When the chance does come along for you to stop into an on-water rowing club, you’ll be ready to row!

What’s keeping indoor rowing from blowing up?

At Manna Indoor Rowing Club, we’ve created the programs. We've created the leagues.  The training.  The coaching. We've created the community and the competition [day to day and big races].  These are the things that will light the indoor rowing scene ablaze.

It all starts with empowering our youth.  The Manna Indoor Rowing Club youth program will take place from March 6th - May 25th.  Practices are Monday through Thursday from 4:00PM to 8:00 PM at the Hermosa Beach Community Center.


The Manna Pee-Wee program focuses on 4th and 5th grade boys and girls.  It is an introductory indoor rowing class.  The emphasis is on having fun.  The athletes learn proper rowing technique while strengthening their minds, bodies, and spirits.  The benefits of the Manna Program come from our proven workouts.  These workouts use breathing techniques, core training, and rowing.


The Manna Junior program is for the older youth; grades 6th through 8th grade.  This program is for multi-sport athletes and other youth who want to compete in rowing. These youth may not have enough time to commit to an on-water competitive team.  The team-sized groups of 10-15 athletes will train in many techniques. Techniques such as the catch, drive and recovery. These are the same drills as competitive rowers.  Pee-wee’s and juniors get uniforms and practice twice a week.  They compete in 2-3 regattas (competitions) a season to hone their new skills. CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP NOW! 


Manna Rowing’s Indoor Rowing Club is open to the high school aged youth.  This includes 3 parts. The High School Indoor Rowing Club program. The Manna Elite College-Prep and the Sports Performance Cross-training.  The club program takes place in a small and unique team atmosphere.  We offer elite, high-energy competitive training on and off the rowing machine.  Our training staff conducts a tailored program for the athletes.  This helps build the foundation to move forward in competitive rowing.  There is a serious possibility for collegiate scholarships and admissions help.  This is the perfect introduction to rowing. We train our athletes to develop competitive physical and mental skills.


The Manna Elite College-Prep program helps athletes with competitive college admissions. We do this by giving them the edge through learning rowing.  All university rowing programs need a novice or first year rower to join their crews.  University rowing programs are hurting for athletes.  All you need is a respectable sprint time on the rowing machine.  Everyone can row, if you have the focus and discipline, Manna will help you reach new heights.


The top athletes in the world use the rowing machine in their training regimens. Conor McGregor (UFC), Lebron James (NBA), and Jimmy Decotis (Motocross) all rave about the benefits.  Raise your game with our tailored sport cross-training.  You will increase cardio endurance, explosiveness, flexibility, core strengthening, and your mental limits.  A big benefit of the rowing machine is building your aerobic base.  Get tired in the heat of competition?  Feel yourself fade after a few innings on the mound?  This is where we can be a huge help. We’ve worked with volleyball, baseball, basketball, soccer, and water sport athletes to raise their games.


Manna’s adult classes and league will take the indoor rowing game to a new level.  We’ve created the first indoor rowing league for adults [and kids].  This means consistent racing. Team events. Individual events. And plenty of categories so that you can compete against your pay grade, or test yourself!  To stick with something new [or anything at all] you need a community around you and something to train for.  We’ve got both of those with the Manna Indoor Rowing Club.

What races are there outside of Manna’s races? There are regional, national, and international indoor rowing races.  The regional races depend on where you live.  The Beach Sprints is the local indoor rowing race in Long Beach, California.  It takes place at the end of January. The national (and some would say international) indoor rowing regatta is the CRASH B sprints.  The fastest from around the world come to compete at the CRASH B sprints. World Rowing sanctioned (governing body of rowing) the World Rowing Indoor Sprints.  This race will take place in summer 2017 in Wroclaw, Poland.  It will feature the 2000 meter sprint race for individuals, mixed relays (4 x 500 meter) and a 500 meter sprint. The CRASH B and World Rowing races are the races that would be the high stakes for our members to train for.

Here is a little background on the C.R.A.S.H. B. Sprints...

(Charles River All Star Has-Beens)

In the beginning, C.R.A.S.H-B. was a group of 1976-1980 US Olympic and World Team athletes who lurked on the Charles River, never rowing the same lineup twice, never practicing before a race, always jumping the start against Harvard and having a lot of fun too.

The 1980 U.S. boycott of the Olympics was not fun though, and about the same time, Concept2 invented their later-named Model A rowing ergometer, the one with the bicycle wheel, a wooden handle and an odometer. The men (and a few women) of C.R.A.S.H.-B. led by the likes of Tiff Wood, Jake Everett and Holly Hatton, formed a fun little regatta of about twenty rowers in Harvard’s Newell Boathouse, to break up the monotony of winter training.

Within a few short years C.R.A.S.H.-B. grew into the International World Indoor Rowing Championships that it is now. The regatta outgrew Newell, and then the IAB (The indoor Athletic Building, now the MAC, the Malkin Athletic Center), The QRAC (Radcliff Quadrangle Athletic Center), moving to MIT’s Rockwell Cage for many years. In 1995 the regatta moved to Harvard’s Indoor Track Facility, perhaps three times the size of the Rockwell Cage. In 1997 C.R.A.S.H.-B. moved to and even larger and ultra-modern facility, The Reggie Lewis Track and Athletic Center at Roxbury Community College. Since 2008, the venue is Boston University’s Agganis Arena, a state of the art facility just downstream of the original C.R.A.S.H.-B. site.

In the beginning, the race was five miles on the Concept2 Model A ergometer. From the introduction of the Model B ergometer in the mid-1980’s through 1995, the big race in mid-February was 2,500 meters on the new digital display, because the times were comparable even with the equipment change. To meet specific training demands of international coaches who stress 6K and 2K rankings in the winter, starting with the 1996 World Indoor Rowing Championships the distance changed to 2,000 meters.

The race is currently rowed on the latest Concept2 Model D ergometers, which are used by athletes at universities, clubs, schools, and national teams around the world.

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