Here's what a parent and child should expect from Manna's Indoor Rowing Club

Here's what to expect of a typical practice from a day in the life of a Manna rower...

Rowers arrive 15 minutes before practice at the Hermosa Beach Community Center. Before entering the workout area, staff members welcome and check-in your child. Rowers socialize together and build trust. At the same time, they mentally prepare themselves for the workout. We teach mental activities to help with this. We call them Manna Mental Sharpening Tools.

Our sessions start with breath training and mindfulness. This mentally prepares them for the challenges ahead. We then run through some yoga movements, conduct a proper warm-up, and get to work. We emphasize technique. We work on some fun drills and activities on and off the erg (rowing machine).

Engaging games, challenges, and goal setting lead to a fun and growth-centric environment. Improvement, personal growth, and motivation are infectious here!

During the workout, we communicate mindset framing with your rower. We promote the Manna morals and ethos with them. By the end of class, they feel exerted but at the same time feel light.  After going through a proper cool down, they walk out of practice with a smile, a sweat, and an invigorated spirit. They’ll feel prepared for any challenge ahead of them.

Classes prepare them for regattas and future competitions. We host races on a monthly basis and have one at the finale of the program.  For the hard work, these regattas have prizes!

We can't wait to me you and your new rower. To see our programs, please visit this PAGE. Together we G[ROW]!